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  • Wallform Climbing Steel Shuttering

Wallform Climbing Steel Shuttering
Wallform system of steel shuttering comprises standard panels manufactured out of 10 gauge M.S. sheets with slotted 45 x 45 x 5 mm angles. M.S. Flat Frame and stiffener. Channel of Heavy Duty Soldiers. Tubes or Channel Walers.

All these components are assembled together by tour types of clips of special design.

Soldiers supplied in 2.5 M and panel in 1.25 M heights For high pour concreting special soldiers in 3.5 & 5 M also supplied.

Wallform set up shows assembly ready for 2nd pour with Soldiers remaining in the same position and wall Ties embedded in first pour. For successive pours. complete assembly of panels. soldiers and walings is lifted in convenient lengths by crane or other lifting tackle: - the tie bolts having been previously removed. it is repositioned with 125 mm lap over previous pour and soldiers rebolted to ties cast in previous pour which withstand self weight of shutter and concrete pressure
For curved walls flexible panels used instead of wallform panels. For single sided shuttering heavy duty soldiers used instead of channel soliders and double loops used instead of wall ties.