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  • Crash Barrier

  • Wallform Climbing Steel Shuttering

Universal Scaffolding
Standard unit consists of two verticals and one horizontal cross bar both of 483 mm 00 tube.

Lugs welded at 500 mm cntres on verticals provide positive support to horizontal which has built three way clamps welded at two ends to fix lodger tube connecting the units.
Heights: 2000, 1500 & 1000 mm
Widths: 1880, 1270 & 860 mm (approx.)
 (6' FT, 4FT, & 2'.6")

•  No loose parts

•  Handy hence easy forerection at great heights.

•  Easy fortransportation and storage.

•  Ideal as access scaffold or support staging since units connected by
ledger tubes allow variable spacings.