• Wallform Climbing Steel Shuttering

  • Cuplock Scaffolding System

  • Metal Beam Crash Barrier

  • Crash Barrier

  • Wallform Climbing Steel Shuttering

Kay Kay Indscaf Scaffolding
Consists of vertical standards with wedge housings welded to them at 1000/500 mm centres in four directions at right angles Transoms/ledgers and diagonals having end fittings with locking wedges fit in the wedge hOUSings of standards giving firm wedge lock joint. Standards are erected on Adjustable Base Plates to cope with variation in ground level, Standard Transoms and Ledgers are supplied in 60.3 mm or 48.3 mm 00 tubes to suit application and load requirements.

•   Allows changing level of transom/ledger very easily and quickly without disturbing main scaffold structures. Most of other types of scaffolds do not offer this advantage
Clip lock
Only hammer required for erection
Spigot lock