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Functional Features

• The Crash Barrer absorbs maximum impact of the vehicle and ensure minimum damage to the vehicle and the occupants .

• During and bad weather the barriers act as a visul guide to the drivers

• The impact energy is reduced to the maximum possible extent, due to the fricton between the W/Thrie beams and the vehicle, enabling gradual deceleration of the vehicle into the carrige way.

• The Vehicle is prevented from Skidding back into the carrige way, thus avoiding the risk to following traffic.


Item Size-mm Thick-mm Std Length- mm Material Specifications
W Beam 311 x 83 2.67/3.00/3.43 3318 / 4318 IS 2062 or equivalent
Third Beam 508 x 83 2.67/3.00/3.43 3318 / 4318 do
Post 150 x 75 5 as per site condition do
Spacer 150 x 75 5 330 / 524 do
Dome head bolts M16 - 40 IS 1367 / ASMT-A36/A325
Hex head bolts M20 - 40 do
Anchor bolts M22 - as per site condition IS 2062/ASMT-A36