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H Frame / U Frame Scaffolding

Consists of rigid welded frames of two verticals and two horizontals. The frames are interconnected by scissor cross braces in all bays or alternate bays (for top 20 Meters) of scaffolding through pins welded on frames and locked in position by spring clips.

Cross Braces supplied in sizes to suit frame spacings of 3.25,2, 1.5, & 1 M Other sizes supplied on request.

Another of our rapid-accembly Scaffolds, the 'H' Frame & 'U' Frame scaffold offers speed and convenince of operation during assembly and dismantling. H' Frame Scaffold Units and heavy duty 6 ft. high units double braced Verticals with sockets available in 4 ft. Spacing. Very convenient upto 90 ft., light workmen's load and with proper tieng to loas-bearing Porting of building.

Heavy Duty 'H' Frames for Heavy oadings --- details available on request.

Heights: 2000, 1500 & 1000 mm
Widths: 1800, 1250 & 900 mm
"X" -- Bracing up to 60 ft. Height "X" Bracing beyond 60 ft. Height
Loading Data
"H" Frame and Horizontals : Same as GPS units
"U" Frame 2 tons
Orderning Information
Qty. (Frames) = (L/B +1)x (H/h)
Qty. (Cros Braces) = (L/B)x (H/h) x 2
Qty. (Base Plates) = (L/B+1) x 2
Spring Clips = Qty (Frames) x 4
For height below 60 ft. "X-Brace" to be Provided in alternate bays except bottom, top and Bays
L=Scaffold Length H = Scaffolding Height
B = Bay spacing h= Scaffolding Height